Improve Your Workforce

Our Event Crew Essentials course has been designed by industry professionals to get your new crew work ready from their first shift. A more educated workforce means less injury, less breakage and happier clients.

Builds Your Knowledge Base

Train your crew from the bottom up. Help them get their career started right by ensuring that they understand the basics of the job.

Increases employee Motivation

Evidence shows that well trained employees are more motivated at work. This will naturally lead to improved morale and job satisfaction.

Enhances Your Reputation

A better trained more motivated crew will represent your company better. This will lead to less complaints and better client relationships.

Our Curriculum

Four sections designed to equip your crew with all the knowledge they need to work safely from day one.

Industry Essentials

Expectations of event crew and an overview of the job.

Health & Safety

An overview of employer and employee responsibilities aswell as PPE standards and accident reporting systems.

Manual Handling

Understanding the risks involved in lifting and methods to mitigate damage to people and equipment.

Manual Handling for Events

A detailed look at how to safely unload a truck, move it’s contents around an arena and then load it up again.


What People Are Saying

I found it extremely informative. It gives a realistic idea of what to expect and what's expected of you.
Danny Queen
Crew Boss
I thought the training was absolutely brilliant and I would love to adapt this into our business. It was very easy to follow and very informative.
Simon Connors
Event Manager
A clear and concise training program. It's a very cost-effective way of meeting H&S regulations. I’ll be putting all of our new crew on this course.
Tom Hillier
Crew Company Director
At a time when the industry is having to make a speedy u-turn Event Crew Training have hit the nail on the head in terms of the basics of health and safety, crew hierarchy and working practices.
Lucy Ockenden
Production Manager

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